Plantar Fasciitis

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Bottom of foot pain but mainly under the heels

Hi there, new to the forum, suffering from plantar fasciitis for some time.
What has been working well for you?

Re: Bottom of foot pain but mainly under the heels

Hi Bethesource,

Welcome to the forum! I'm a treatment advisor with King Brand, and can answer any questions you may have. When it comes to plantar fasciitis, we have a couple of products that are highly effective at reducing pain on the bottom of the foot and the heel.

The Foot ColdCure Wrap is effective at reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation, and is used as an "as needed" treatment. Here's a link to that product.

The Plantar BFST Wrap is an electrical device that plugs into the wall, and produces electromagnetic energy to subdermally heal soft tissue injuries such as plantar fasciitis. It's intended to be used 3-4 times daily and treatments last 20 minutes. Here's a link to that product as well.

Please note that when you click on the product, you will be able to see a treatment zone showing in yellow the effective treatment area.

I hope this helps!

Re: Bottom of foot pain but mainly under the heels

Hi TallyMarks

I've just started using the Plantar BFST Wraps a couple of weeks ago.
I initially started with one wrap, but since I have the issue with both feet, I've purchased 2nd BFST wrap so that I can do the 20 minute
treatment on both feet at the same time instead of having to switch.
Does it matter if I use BFST wraps with or without socks?

What about exercises or stretches for the foot? any recommendations??

Do you recommend using barefoot shoes like Xeroshoes or similar to use?

Also, I'll look further into the Foot ColdCure wrap.

Thank you.

Re: Bottom of foot pain but mainly under the heels

Hi Bethesource,

We typically recommend using the BFST on bare skin, with about two fingers space between the wrap and your skin.

As for exercises or stretches, I don't have any specific stretches to recommend, but I do advise paying close attention to any pain signals your body may send you during exercises or stretching. Certain exercises or stretches can actually aggravate your injury further, so if you do an activity that causes pain or discomfort, I suggest listening to the pain and doing it less or not doing it at all.

I am not familiar with Xeroshoes, but after seeing their website, their shoes sound like they promote a healthier, more natural way of walking, so if those work for you - awesome!

I can tell you've definitely done your research and that you're very motivated to heal. Consistent use of the BFST will help to heal soft tissue injuries, so you are on the right track! :)

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