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Metatarsal fat pads in the bottom of my feet are moving into my toes

I have a "full" feeling in the bottom of my feet and have been trying to find out what the cause is and an effective treatment. An MRI shows it is not due to nerve impingement from my back. I do not have diabetes. I do have extremely high and rigid arches in my feet. My feet do not really hurt, but they feel like my socks have rolled up under my toes. One foot doctor told me he feels that the fat pads in the balls of my feet are gradually moving towards my toes causing the "full" or "swollen" feeling. I have been a runner all of my life and have coached several sports for over 20 years. This "wear and tear" is causing the condition according to the foot doctor. He didn't think that much can be done about the issue. I am 64 years old. Has anyone ever heard of this condition and what to do about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Metatarsal fat pads in the bottom of my feet are moving into my toes


Because you still have the "swollen" feeling, I recommend starting off with our ColdCure wrap to help with effectively reducing the swelling and inflammation in the injured area first. Once the swelling and inflammation have gone away, it is then recommended that you start using the BFST wrap to help with stimulating the blood flow through the damaged soft tissue to help aid in the healing process. It's also recommended to limit any intense or strenuous activities while doing treatments with our products. This will help with accelerating the healing process as well. It is also recommended to get the Wrist ColdCure wrap and Wrist BFST wrap to help with targeting the injured area more effectively as the Foot wraps won't reach the ball of the foot for people with a shoe size larger than 8.5.

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Re: Metatarsal fat pads in the bottom of my feet are moving into my toes

Is the BFST a Tens unit inside a wrap? If so can you tell me the strength of the unit? Thanks!

Re: Metatarsal fat pads in the bottom of my feet are moving into my toes

The BFST wrap is unlike a TENS unit and will not cause any sort of electrical shock or vibration. The BFST wrap is designed to use an Electro-Magnetic Energy to help with penetrating deep into the damaged soft tissue to stimulate the blood flow and help accelerate the healing process. Our wrap is more closely related to the principal of Ultrasound Therapy, but is much safer to use for at-home treatments than Ultrasound.


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