Plantar Fasciitis

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plantar fasciitis

I suffered through plantar fasciitis in both feet for 3 months before I began trying to fix it. I started with the sock then a hard boot wasting $45 for each and for each foot. I tried stretching, ice, and a heating pad without any lasting relief. I went to a physical therapist for a consultation and he estimated that it would take 5-10 sessions to resolve the issue at a cost of $1000. Hoping to find a far less expensive treatment, my wife discovered your site and purchased the foot cold and BFST wraps. I was seriously impressed not only by the products, but also the customer service as I had a representative call me twice just to check on how it was going and if I had any questions. After using both for 3 weeks, my left foot stopped hurting. I continued treatments on my right foot for another month before giving up and going to the physical therapist. He was amazed at how the King Brand treatments improved my left foot. My right foot was too aggravated for the wraps to work. I bought my therapy treatments and continued using the wraps. My right foot stopped hurting after 4 sessions of therapy. I have continued using the wraps about once a month on my feet just to keep the pain away.

I have read some complaints about not feeling the BFST work. I wondered that at first, so I turned it up to the third stage. After feeling what it would feel like, I turned it back down to level 1. Then I was able to feel the "heat." It was unlike a heating pad's heat and more of a deep heat sensation.

Thank you for such amazing products!!

Re: plantar fasciitis

Thank you so much for your positive comments relating to your Cold Cure and BFST Wrap Foot Wraps. We always appreciate receiving feedback from our customers.

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Re: plantar fasciitis

**R.E.A.L. PLANTAR FASCIITIS RELIEF-AND FAST!!** Hoping this is posted to the correct forum. It's long but I think it's worth the time. I had to give feedback on the product that I purchased. I had severe plantar fasciitis after I was moving heavy furniture after 5 years of wearing cheap flats with zero support. I would hobble out of bed as it was only on my right foot. I went up some steps on this foot and must have put extra weight on this foot with the furniture in hand. I would hobble out of bed feeling very old which I am not. I hadn't stretched like everyone recommended. I ran across this site after much research. The site said not to stretch and to stimulate blood flow to the area. This made sense. The area was already stretched and injured; and when I think about poor circulation; it makes sense that we need blood flow to our feet to heal. I do not have diabetes; but I think of this as an example. Anyway; I bought both the hot BFST and the cold cure wrap. Since the injury was not new; I rarely used the cold cure wrap; but it is still a great concept and product. If I have a re-injury or pain, I will use the cold cure wrap right away. NOW....ONTO THE BFST heat wrap!!! This product literally can change the quality of your life. I used it religiously like the instructions said; 3 to 4 times a day until the timer ran out on the device. I have a desk job so I could use it at work as well. By the end of the 1st month, my foot felt SO much better; I couldn't believe that I was not hobbling out of bed anymore. By the end of the 2nd month, I felt 90% better. The piece that was missing was proper footwear. I had to start wearing good tennis shoes (which I never wore because I am not really into the look of tennis shoes). I knew I never needed to go barefoot as I have low arches. With the final step of proper footwear over the last couple of months; I am totally healed. If I never used the BFST Heat Wrap; I know I would not be this far along in my healing. There are VERY FEW days that my foot starts to feel pain; and if it is, it's due to me being barefoot. I really want to say thank you to King Brands for creating this product; listing reviews and providing a DIFFERENT viewpoint to the healing process of Plantar Fasciitis. My doctor and everyone said to stretch and wear arch supports. I don't disagree with arch supports, but the standard practices seemed inefficient as I tried stretching for several weeks and I felt no relief. King Brands provided a solution that works! I felt more advised than my Doctor; when I told her what I was using; she wasn't aware (not to her fault). Thank you King Brands. Happy customer (beyond words). TL

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