Plantar Fasciitis

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BFST stimulating blood flow

Do I need to wait till I'm done with the cold therapy and bring the pain way down, before starting the other BFST stimulating wrap, for Plantar Fasciitis?  have heard few others say, once they started this, it caused more pain....?  Timing of all this... I'm into 3rd month of PF and so far doing leg stretching ( not feet) and icing,,, until my cold freeze foot wrap arrives.... thanks 

Re: BFST stimulating blood flow

Hi again LilacsinSpring,

Before starting your BFST treatments we recommend ensuring that your symptoms of inflammation and swelling are under control. Pain accompanies these symptoms, but pain may still be present at times throughout the early stages of the healing process too.

The reason you want to reduce your inflammation and swelling before starting BFST is so that the body is able to accept the additional blood flow that will be sent to the targeted area. The body can't begin healing until symptoms are addressed.
- During a BFST treatment you should only experience minor warming, and some people feel tingling. You should NOT feel heat.
- If you feel heat or any kind of discomfort (including pain) during a BFST treatment you may be over-stimulating blood flow. If this occurs you should decrease your treatment level (ie. from Level 2 to 1 on the Controller), but if there's heat on Level 1 you can try decreasing the treatment time from the pre-set 20 minutes to perhaps 10 minutes. If heat is still experienced, this is your body's way of indicating that cold therapy needs to be resumed as your symptoms still require attention.
- After focusing on cold therapy for another day or so, you can introduce BFST again and should find that you can then continue with the recommended 3 to 4 BFST treatments spread across the course of the day, without any discomfort, pain or heat.

As mentioned in our previous posting, even once you are doing regular BFST treatments you still need to use cold therapy after activity, to keep any underlying symptoms at bay and to stop them from returning.

If you think your symptoms are under control, why not try your first BFST session... You won't cause any further injury to your Plantar Fasciitis just a negative sensation if it's too soon, in which case you can simply unplug the BFST and continue using your ColdCure Wrap. Feel free to call us toll free on 1844-400-2525 should you have any questions or concerns now or after you've tried the BFST.

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